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Permanent Residency / Visa Services

Saras Services has been traveling with our tamil community for many decades. Providing language translations for government and private sectors, along with collaborating with numerous legal experts, we ensure comprehensive assistance in obtaining visas to reside in Germany. Saras Services not only gives details but also sheds light on the process of acquiring the necessary documents for living in Germany, offering insightful advice to our relations.

In our Tamil community, some may seek political asylum in Germany, some may face rejection, while others may consider shifting from a blue book to Sri Lankan citizenship. In various scenarios like these, we provide tailored advice to address their specific needs.

Note: Please contact us before coordinating meeting times to ensure smooth arrangements.

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For those who have applied for political asylum in Germany and those who have faced rejection:

For those who have newly applied for asylum in Germany, as well as those who have been rejected, we provide advice and guidance on the temporary residency procedures. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support to address any concerns or challenges throughout the process (Asylangelegenheiten).

Saras Services is prepared to offer guidance and practical information regarding the legal provisions for obtaining residence permits based on your current situation. Moreover, our team will assist you throughout the application process, ensuring a smooth and informed experience.

To obtain a Sri Lankan passport in Germany:

Obtaining Permanent Residence Permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis) / German Citizenship (Deutsche Staatsbürgerschaft).

Tourist Visa Applications (Tourist Visum)

Sponsorship Visa (Ehegattenvisum / Familienzusammenführung)

For detailed information and personalized advice regarding the questions you may have, we provide basic consultations and details over the phone. To get more comprehensive advice and information, you can schedule a direct consultation with us (Saras Services Stuttgart). We are here to assist you with all aspects, and a small fee may be applicable for this service.

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